Ok...having boys sometimes means you do things a little...differently...

We are having the cousins come to visit next week (also boys, for the most part). So, In Mom's world - "let's get the house ready for company" means, let's clean the playroom, let's put those clothes you have been hiding under your bed - away, let's actually clean the bathroom rather than just "wiping it down"... You know, cleaning! I come around the corner to hear two little boys discussing "getting the house ready for company" in their language - their "to-do" list sounds a little like this:
1. We have to get all the games out and put them in order that we want to play them
2. Make a list of the junk food we want mom to get at the store for us
3. decide which costumes each person is going to wear and make sure we know where they are
4. collect enough "swords" from those crazy grass looking bushes out front - so that everyone can have one for each hand - and leftover for when some break.
5. make sure that our "play shoes" are ready because the yard will be muddy in all the best hiding spots since it has been raining lately
And finally, as they were dismissed to accomplish their tasks, I found my oldest in his room moving items from the top shelf down to lower ones - when I asked why he looked at me like I was crazy - he said it was because the "cool" looking stuff (his footballs and helmet, etc) was up high and, if cousins tried to reach them - the whole shelf will fall! Of course then I was asked why we didn't just make the shelves better for climbing in the first place!

So, when I asked my BOYS about their little female cousin coming to visit and what they were going to do to prepare for having fun with her - they both just sat there! Then, with all the grace and mercy that could be mustered up - the youngest just said "I dunno - maybe hide the legos?"!! Of course!

Having boys is soooooo much fun!!!