Sports and Little Brothers....

Our boys are playing on two different football teams. Our youngest is in the oldest age group for his team....while our oldest child, while not the youngest on his team, he is one of the smallest. So, given that this is the first year playing for each of them, it was quite a blow to our oldest when his little brother made "A" team on his squad and the big brother was on "B" team for his team....

Ok...just to be honest - my heart hurts! I want to go out there and do it for them - I want to take the hits and have people talk trash to me - just to spare them! But, apparently that is one part of the game that they have to get used to and they have to be willing to endure if they are going to make it in the sport (thank you to daddy for reminding me of this important lesson!) While there has been some jealousy issues and some "trash talk" around our house about all of this - there has also been some really good teaching the other night when I was able to talk with our oldest about how I get jealous of others quite often - and how I have to confess that before God on a regular basis. How I have to see it as the pride issue it is in my heart before I can address the attitude and actions that result from it. We talked about some of the struggles with jealousy that I face on a regular basis and how the Word of God is able to teach us who we are in Christ and Who we are designed to please and glorify...not easy lessons at 11 or at "29" :)....

Oh well....all of that aside...we left for practice tonight with both boys wishing each other a great practice and encouraging each other to "knock someone's head off"...brotherly love - ain't it great!


It is great when God gives us many opportunities to teach our children, especially in trying to ease them into the wide wide world. I know that your examples of teaching your children are funny and enjoyable to read.

My youngest son (by 16 months) was always one step ahead of his older brother when it came to sports. Though smaller, he had all the talent in baseball, football and basketball.

But in time (by the grace of God), it all evened out. They both won state championships in football. They both played in college -- the younger in baseball and the older in football.

They remain competitive and still trash talk (deer harvested, children, sports ...). Their life experiences have made them both very good men, husbands and fathers (bragging).

The bottom line never changed though, they always loved each other. I envy the time you have left to watch your children grow and mature -- I miss it.

God bless y'all,

Tom McClellan