The Everson Family is on the GO!

Wow! We have hit the road running this school year! There is no time to breathe lately between schoolwork, Church activities and now football! The boys are so excited about football season - their first year playing tackle football....glad they are excited 'cause Momma doesn't quite know what to think about this one! It is one thing when you watch adult (ok, so grown) men out there hitting each other all in the name of a little brown ball...but to watch your 9 and 11 year old strap on more pads than you can count and try to cover and PROTECT every part of their bodies before they go out and hit each other on purpose - I am questioning the logic of this game! I have been told that you must be a guy to understand it enough to play it....I guess that's true. Like I said, I have loved the game when I am watching someone else play it, but now that they are my children out there - whoa, wait a minute! Let's talk about injury rates, concussions, broken bones...where else can I fit a pad in that uniform???

Na...I think Mom is outvoted on this one...we just don't talk about it that much - after all, they are boys and I have to "go with the flow" if I am not going to be left behind in the years to come! I better just "get a grip" and get into the fan gear! Here we go Redskins and Cowboys!!!