Time Together....

Well, it has been a busy summer and, despite my best intentions - I have gotten nothing done! I am busy - but not sure with what! I have been running, both literally and figuratively...we have been going to the children's ministry functions and, we have made a trip back to Florida for a visit....but where has the rest of the summer gone??? Who knows!

I was thinking about all of this tonight as I was visiting friends on facebook and I was looking at all the family pictures everyone has on their profiles...I absolutely love being a wife and a mom! I love spending time with my kids and having fun as a family. We went today with our Senior Adult group from Trinity to the Nissan factory in Canton, MS. We had spent the whole day together and had so much fun being with everyone...but tonight, as I was tucking our boys into bed, Caleb made a comment about what we were going to do tomorrow and then, in the flash of a moment realized that tomorrow is FRIDAY and that Daddy would be home "all day"!! He got so excited and starting dancing around in his bed! It was soooo cute - my boys LOVE their daddy and they LOVE spending time with him! He started immediately making all the plans for them for tomorrow - football, lunch - you name it, Chad's day is planned! Those two boys, as well as their daddy, make the most of being a family! They have a ball - whether they are wrestling, playing football or praying - they do it with zeal and intensity! Mom just has to leave the room - I DREAD tackle football this fall!

Anyway, I am thankful for my boys - for God allowing me to be their mama and for a husband who loves to spend time with them...and I look forward to the years to come - making the most of our time together!

Being a mom is the best!!! Our kids are the same way with Ric...they are always planning out their days when he is home!! SO glad things are going great for you guys!